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No tracking, cookies or collection/sharing of personal data

This site does not (1) track your activity, (2) use cookies or (3) collect or share your personal data. elk7 respects your privacy and strongly encourages you to support other sites that do the same (and to avoid sites that do not).

Third-party sites

This site links to third-party sites that are beyond elk7’s control. When you visit those other sites, the privacy policies of those other sites apply. Before visiting any third-party sites, please learn how to maintain your privacy and security online. Here are some good resources:

If you connect with elk7 or contact elk7 via any third-party sites, elk7 may know who you are and may (or may not) save your correspondence or other applicable activities made known to elk7 (and those third-party sites may do the same and more, depending on their own privacy policies). If this concerns you, please use throw-away or anonymous accounts when using those third-party sites and otherwise follow best practices for online privacy/security (e.g., use a virtual private network or “vpn”, use a secure browser with ad/tracking blockers, etc.).


If you have any questions or concerns, please send elk7 an e-mail. However, similar to the notes above regarding your activity on third-party sites, if you send elk7 an e-mail that includes your name or any other personal information (whether in your e-mail address or in the e-mail itself), then elk7 may know who you are and may (or may not) save your correspondence. If this concerns you, please use a throw-away or anonymous e-mail address (preferably using a secure, encrypted e-mail service such as ProtonMail) and do not include any personal information when you write to elk7 (and again, always follow best practices for online privacy/security, as discussed above).